The Atlantic Museum is the first underwater museum in the Atlantic Ocean and in Europe and is located about 300 meters from Marina Rubicón, on Las Coloradas beach and just 2 minutes by car from the house.

It is conceived as a place for the preservation, conservation and education of the marine environment and nature.
To immerse yourself and visit it, you have to hire the service with a diving school. With snorkel it is not usually appreciated but it is also possible, so we recommend diving with a cylinder or in Apnea. If you are interested, we will organize the excursion for you.


Considered the best beaches in Europe, the Papagayo Beaches, located in the Los Ajaches Natural Park, are only a 20-minute walk from the house and only 5 minutes by car.

You can choose the bay that you like the most from Playa Mujeres, Playa de la Cera, Playa de Papagayo, Caleta de Congrio or Playa Puerto Muelas. In any of them you will enjoy white sand beaches, an ocean with crystal clear waters, with the panoramic view of Isla de Lobos and Fuerteventura.
Access to Los Ajaches Park has a symbolic payment of € 3 per vehicle, when accessed by car.


Discover Los Charcones, one of the most secret and emblematic corners of the island. Naturals pools which are the most beatiful  in the surroundings. To get there, you must go to the Pechiguera Lighthouse bordering the Red Mountain. You will see a hotel or abandoned building. It is a path road, so drive slowly.

Diving into the crystal clear waters of these pools is indescribable, but taking care is recommended when entering and leaving each pool as the rocks can be slippery. Proper footwear is essential, both for the trail and the rocks

From the house, it will take about 12 minutes or less to get there if you go by car. 


The modern Marina Rubicón is located in a privileged enclave, in the south of the island, between the natural monument of Los Ajaches and Playa Blanca.

Just 2 minutes by car from the house or 7 minutes walking, you will reach this magnificent marina where you can enjoy gastronomy, shops, boat trips and water activities (diving, sailing, fishing).


Las Salinas de Janubio is a salt mine with an antiquity of more than 100 years, where the collection of Salt continues to be done with artisanal methods.

It is located in a «Place of Geological Interest» where the old Royal Port of Janubio was located. Both landmarks are a huge reference and emblem of the salt culture in the Canary Islands, being the largest salt flats and the landscapes best valued on the islands. It is also considered as one of the most important salt mills in the world.

Its wonderful black beach, its colors at sunset, make this corner of Lanzarote a must-see.

In the area there is a store where you can access the products of the salt flats and a fine restaurant with spectacular panoramic views.


A soft green lagoon set at the bottom of the volcanic ash beach of El Golfo, southwest of Lanzarote. The pond is at the foot of a majestic crater demolished by the erosive force of the wind and the sea.

A spectacular picture. The capricious green color of the pond is due to the explosion of life in its bosom of numerous plant organisms, mainly algae (until the 18th century the lagoon was colonized by a crustacean called Clico, hence the name of the enclave)